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Super Bowl 2017 – No Time For Hot Dogs

Houston plays host to Super Bowl LI on February 5.  America’s most prominent sporting event is a very big deal in the travel industry, and this year should be no exception.  In the video below (posted December 16), Bloomberg’s Nikki Epstein and David Gura explore the fine art of finding a deal.  The city has spent massive amounts of money preparing its entertainment districts for visitors, and if one can’t find a room in one of the hot hotels, there’s still the chance to book a reservation in the right restaurant and stargaze.

Of course, by now the bargains are gone and most of us will stay at home.  Gameday occupies an iconic place in American life, as illustrated by the decision of Kraft Heinz  to give its office employees the next day off.  Those that remain, that is.  Kraft recently acquired the Heinz ketchup empire in one of the decade’s mega-mergers, and the restructuring that followed was a particularly tough one.  The company has decided not to repeat its pricey Super Bowl advertising campaign of 2016, which featured pooches in hot dog outfits performing for condiment-clad owners, (The former had more dignity,)  Even the Super Bowl is not immune to the allure of saving a buck!


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