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Brexit: The Lady’s Not For Turning

British Prime Minister delivered a key policy speech on January 17 that set forth her plans for a definitive exit from the European Union.  Speculation had been growing that her Cabinet was struggling with the outcome of last year’s referendum, and that she could not deliver on her previous promise that “Brexit means Brexit”.  Her address laid out the broad principles governing the Brexit negotiation: restoration of full sovereignty to Parliament, exit from the EU’s customs union, recognition of British courts as the highest legal authority in the UK, and full control by Westminster over borders and immigration. The Wall Street Journal reports her declaration that:

“What I am proposing cannot mean membership of the single market. Instead we seek the greatest possible access to it through a new, comprehensive, bold and ambitious free-trade agreement.

I want Britain to be able to negotiate its own trade agreements. But I also want tariff-free trade with Europe and cross-border trade there to be as frictionless as possible.”

Social Commentary Channel has posted the video of the entire 50 minute speech, which appears below.

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