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Updated Travel Alert For Istanbul, Turkey

The U.S. consulate in Istanbul has issued a new warning for foreign residents and tourists (AFP Ankara Turkey via Yahoo News)

The consulate in Istanbul said in a message late Saturday that extremist groups continued their “aggressive efforts” to attack Americans and other foreigners in the city.

“These attacks may be pre-planned or could occur with little or no warning, and include, but are not limited to: armed attack, attempted kidnapping, bombing, or other violent acts,” it said in an online notice.

The consulate did not specify which group was believed to be plotting such acts, but in the past year the city has suffered multiple bombings by the Islamic State group (IS) and Kurdish militants.

This is another sad chapter in the story of the continuing deterioration of the global travel environment.  Turkey has been hit particularly hard because of its entanglement with the Syrian conflict, the existence of terrorist elements within its borders and, of course, the aborted coup earlier this year.

The latest alert illustrates the importance of a political solution that can bring an end to the violence in Syria and its destabilizing effects on neighboring countries.  The video below provides background on the attack at the Istanbul airport early this summer which killed 47 people.  CBS News interviewed Juan Zarate, a national security advisor in the administration of George W. Bush, about the phenomenon of unclaimed terrorist attacks in the country

Image Credit- Dennis Jarvis

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