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First Class: A Tale of Two Cities, Aircraft And Airlines

If only all flying meant a sojourn in First Class!  Of course, in real life, budgetary considerations rule, and even the expense account set has been shifting from First to Business Class. Airlines are configuring their planes accordingly, and First Class has disappeared as an option on an increasing number of routes.  But we can still experience it via armchair thanks to the fortunate few lucky enough to enjoy the remainder.  There is an abundance of video footage celebrating the amenities of premium cabin experience: the relatively pain free check-in process, the cushy lounges with their culinary delights, the spacious accommodations aboard the airplane and, most important, all that pampering by the flight attendants once aloft.

I thought it would be interesting to post two views of the First Class experience on the same route-London to Abu Dhabi (LHR-AUH).   The Luxury Travel Expert filmed the trip aboard a British Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner, while Eddie Khoo presents the service offered on an Etihad Airbus A380.  Browse through the videos at your leisure.  There does seem to be a difference between the understated, somewhat monochromatic comforts of the BA experience and the warmer ambiance of Etihad.  Note the contrast between the modernistic “bucket seat” of BA versus the more conventional, incredibly roomy reclining chair on Etihad, the centerpiece of what they dub “an apartment”.  These variations no doubt reflect differences in corporate culture and budgetary resources, not to mention what’s physically possible on each aircraft.  The A380 may be a bit wobbly as a money-making enterprise for the manufacturer, but its sheer scale gives the cabin designer a lot of scope.

I’ll take both! 🙂



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