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NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Reaches Jupiter!

After a long, circuitous voyage NASA’s Juno spacecraft reached Jupiter on July 4. It will spend the next year observing our solar system’s largest planet and hopefully beam reams of data earthwards about the gas giant’s atmosphere, surface and core.   The NASA Juno You Tube channel posted this time lapse view of Jupiter and its 4 largest moons, filmed between June 12 and June 29, starting from a distance of 10 million miles. The astronomer Galileo first saw this sight over three centuries ago. Those orbiting moons indicated that the earth was not the center of the universe, a discovery that shattered the accepted truth of the authorities of his day and put the savant’s life in danger.  The mission has attracted a global following, and German broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW English) explains the project in the second video.

We are poised to witness an incredible age of discovery, if only the authorities of OUR day manage to avoid blowing the world to bits!

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