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July 4th Travel Poised To Shatter Records

The American Automobile Association has released its July 4th travel forecast, and it’s a humdinger. AAA expects 43 million Americans to embark on holiday journeys, and over 80% will travel by car.  Low gas prices and relatively upbeat consumer sentiment are making for a robust travel season, although budgets remain tight.  AAA reminds us of the importance of checking  batteries, tires, and, of course, the whereabouts of your car keys.

Situation awareness is the key to safe travel, and is more important than ever in an increasingly risky world.  Airports, tourist spots, national parks and the highways themselves all present risks, whether man-made or caused by Mother Nature.  And since driving is the primary mode of travel this weekend, let’s pay due attention to the most fault-prone part of the automobile- the nut behind the wheel.  Everyone knows the risks of alcohol, cell phones and texting.  But there are others that are more subtle-like  chatty passengers, blaring music,  and scrambling for directions.  As shown in the video below, we must be on guard against cognitive distraction.

So stay alert this Fourth of July, and return safe and sound from the adventure of discovering America!


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