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The Joy Of The LONG Flight Video-JFK To LAX

While most flight video fans are probably just interested in highlights, there are occasions when one might be in the mood for the whole thing.  (The prudent devotee does this on someone else’s dime; like on public wifi  :))  Long flight videos make a great backdrop to do other tasks, and if you haven’t been on a plane for a while, the chance to get accustomed again to the rhythms and sounds of air travel.  And then there is always the opportunity  for some great window views or a glimpse at the goings-on in cabin service, all from the comfort of your favorite chair.

Here Inflight Video lets us climb aboard an American Airlines A321T en route from JFK to Los Angeles, with the wonderful views of the Atlantic coastline, Middle America, the Rockies and the beehive of southern California that are on offer during these transcon journeys.  The audio includes ATC chatter and all the cabin sounds.  And, of course, the announcement from the flight desk that there’s no available gate at LAX, sorry for the inconvenience.  Don’t have 6+ hours? Skip around and enjoy!


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